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Rotherhithe Primary

Passion for learning and high motivation are key components of our school’s success.

Our values are to be:

  • Caring,
  • Courageous,
  • Ambitious,
  • Resilient
  • and Empathetic

Teaching & Learning – Aims and purposes

Any attempt to continue to raise standards in our school must be focused on the classroom. Continued and sustained improvement is dependent upon sustaining the high quality of teaching and learning that is taking place on a daily basis.

Across our school the expectation is that all pupils are provided with high quality learning experiences that lead to consistently high levels of pupil achievement. We expect every teacher to be a good teacher – no child deserves less.

By adopting a whole school approach to teaching and learning across our school, we aim:

  • to provide consistency of teaching and learning across our school.
  • to enable teachers to teach as effectively as possible.
  • to enable children to learn as efficiently as possible.
  • to give children the skills they require to become effective lifelong learners.
  • to provide an inclusive education for all children.
  • to learn from each other, through the adoption of a collaborative, enquiry based approach to teaching and learning, where good practice is shared.


‘Core Curriculum Overviews’ by year group and subject

Below you will find downloadable information relating to the core curriculum overview for each year group. We often change topics and themes based on the children’s interest and or current events. Please use the year by year topic webs to get a more accurate and up to date overview of what the children will be learning and exploring each term.

To download these documents, please click on the links below: